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Rapala Knife/Pliers Combo
Rapala Knife/Pliers Combo

Rapala Knife/Pliers Combo

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Rapala Knife/Pliers Combo

The predatory fishing experts at Rapala know what matters when it comes to functional accessories and tools for anglers!

The Rapala Knife/Pliers Combo consists of an all-round fishing pliers, a Hawk fillet knife with blade cover and Rapala's practical Fishing Clipper. Clamping split shots, loosening deeply swallowed hooks, or cutting thicker leader material. The practical 22 cm long pliers with an extra long tip can handle all these tasks with ease. If the fishing was successful the super sharp Hawk fillet knife comes into play and helps you to make the "dirty work" as clean as possible. The small, practical clipper is your faithful companion for all knotting and fine work.



  • Filleting knife (blade: 15 cm) with safety cover
  • 22 cm stainless steel pliers
  • Rapala Fishing Clipper made of stainless steel
About Rapala:

Rapala has been one of the top brands for spin anglers for ages and not without good reason. Frequent innovations, high quality products and absolute exceptional catches on the lures have contributed to the fact that anglers in over 140 countries trust the Finnish manufacturer. Starting with wooden hardbaits, the products have always evolved and almost every new development directly becomes a classic.  Meanwhile, Rapala offers everything the spin fishing heart can desire - from rods and landing nets to bags and backpacks, to tools and much more.