Where there's fishing, there can also be broken items. We also want to clearly communicate the topic of warranty and repair for you. That's why you'll find everything here that can speed up and simplify the process.

Products in our range mostly have a 2-year manufacturer's warranty and the statutory provisions of the 24-month warranty apply. No warranty is given for damage and defects resulting from improper use, storage, negligent or faulty care and maintenance, or caused by overstraining of the product.

If you have a claim within the statutory warranty, please complete the form.We'll take a look at everything and you'll get an email back telling you what to do next.

In consultation with our suppliers, we do everything we can to process your complaint as quickly as possible to your full satisfaction and to find the best possible solution for you. Nevertheless, processing can take a certain amount of time from case to case, which is why we ask for your understanding.

If a product purchased from us is damaged within the warranty period and there is a warranty case, the respective manufacturer or supplier will decide on a repair or a possible replacement. Your claim can therefore only be accepted by us once it has been confirmed by the manufacturer or supplier.


In case of a broken rod

If your rod has broken, these steps can get you back in the water as quickly as possible:

Please fill in the form and tell us which part is broken. The tip will be referred to as „part 1“ and the hand part as „part 4“ (for a 4-piece rod).

Please do not forget to attach a photo of the breakage and a short description of how the breakage occurred, so that we can forward all necessary information to the manufacturer or supplier. We will then get back to you regarding any costs that may be incurred.

Special case broken rod from Orvis, Winston, Scott or Thomas & Thomas

Unfortunately, we cannot provide individual spare parts for fly rods from these manufacturers. In case of a rod breakage, the rod must always be sent in completely (i.e. all parts + rod tube).

We will gladly arrange this for you! Please send us the broken rod and inform us in advance via the form. Under some circumstances, our service staff will contact you again with additional questions.


In case of leaking waders

There is nothing more unpleasant than leaking waders. That's why we'll make sure your waders are ready to use again as soon as possible, so you can stand dry in the water.

With every pair of waders you get a 2-year guarantee on leak-proof seams. We test this by turning the waders inside out and filling them with water. If the seams are leaking, the water will visibly leak out of the affected area.

You can speed up this process by using the form to describe where the seams are leaking. If it is not too much trouble for you, you can test your waders in advance (see above) and attach photos of the damaged area. We will then contact the manufacturer or supplier and find a quick solution for you.

Please make sure that the waders are clean and dry when you send them back to us!


On adh-world you can find more information about Guarantee and service for waders.