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Danica Danvise Fly Tying Vice with table clamp

Danica Danvise Fly Tying Vice C-Clamp

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Danica Danvise Fly Tying Vice C-Clamp

The Dancia Danvise tying vise offers the main features that make a binding stick. The operation is simple and practical. The adjustment of the jaws made of hardened (!) Steel is easy and is done in seconds for the appropriate hook size.

Furthermore, it even offers the "luxury" of a ball-bearing rotation mechanism. This allows to rotate the fly in the center axis. This allows the fly to be checked for symmetry during the individual tying steps without the hook shank turning away and the tying thread slipping off. In our experience, it reliably holds size 22 hooks, but also size 6/0 hooks. You don't really need another tying vise to cover the widest possible range of patterns to be tied. The tying vise is equipped with table clamp as standard and can be supplemented with a base plate for better stand.

In short: The Danvise tying vise shines through a very good, if not the best, price-performance ratio and is an absolute recommendation.


  • High-quality and inexpensive tying vise for beginners and professional binders
  • Tension packs made of hardened steel
  • Robust and lightweight
  • Main components made of steel
  • Suitable for small nymphs and dry flies up to large streamers
  • Strong clamping force and can be rotated 360 degrees
  • Height adjustable
  • Fixation spring and bobbin holder