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Hareline Ice Dub Dubbing
Hareline Ice Dub Dubbing
Hareline Ice Dub Dubbing Copper

Hareline Ice Dub Dubbing


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Hareline Ice Dub Dubbing

The original Ice Dub by Hareline is an extremely versatile, high-quality synthetic dubbing. Ice Dub is available in a broad spectrum of colors, ranging from vibrant shades to natural tones, and has a nice glittering effect that is truly captivating. With Ice Dubbing, you can tie a wide variety of steamers, Sea Trout flies, Salmon flies, nymphs, and more! You can dub the thread directly, or process the dubbing with a dubbing loop, with the help of a dubbing twister. It is also suitable for blending with other dubbing material, such as more natural colors or flash. As a result, the fly can be given beautiful, subtle light reflections that unfold their full potential in the water.


Each package contains a generous amount of dubbing that will tie many patterns.


Have fun and get creative at the tying bench!

About Hareline:

Hareline started in 1981 in a private kitchen and has grown over time into a large company with nearly 1,700 square meters of production space. Based in Oregon, USA, the company now produces and distributes thousands of products that fly tyers around the world appreciate. Dubbing, in particular, has earned a place in many tying desks, but the remaining materials and accessories also impress with quality and a fair price.