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Tiemco TMC 2488 H Hook
Tiemco TMC 2488 H Hook
Tiemco TMC 2488 H Hook
Tiemco TMC 2488 H Hook

Tiemco TMC 2488 H Hook


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Tiemco TMC 2488 H Hook

The Tiemco TMC 2488 H is a versatile and extremely reliable hook for tying very effective patterns – whether dry flies, emergers or nymphs. It is made of 2X stronger material, which makes it very strong, even in the smallest sizes. Therefore, it’s a great choice for targeting large trout and other strong species such as barbel. Last but not least, it offers outstanding hooking properties due to its extremely sharp point and a 3X wider gap.

In Short: The versatile Tiemco TMC 2488 H Hook will provide lots of joy – during the process of tying and while fishing. It is incredibly strong, and therefore you will always be ready for the fish of a lifetime!


  • Versatile hook for tying dry flies, emergers and nymphs
  • 2X stronger material for an outstanding stability – even in the smallest sizes!
  • 3X wider gap and very sharp point for fantastic hooking properties
  • 2X shorter shank
  • Straight eye
  • With barb
  • Colour: bronze
  • Amount: 20 hooks per pack