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Vision Feel 90 Fly Line
Vision Feel 90 Fly Line
Vision Feel 90 Fly Line
Vision Feel 90 Fly Line

Vision Feel 90 Fly Line


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€89.90 *
Content: 30 meter (€3.00 * / 1 meter)

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Vision Feel 90 Fly Line

Its name suggests it: The Vision Feel 90 fly line offers optimum of feeling, both when casting the line and when setting the hook.

Responsible for this is its harmonious taper with a head length of 9 m, which gives you the feeling that something is happening right from the first false cast! The rod charges incredibly fast, already in the first metres, and the powerful head of the fly line gives you the confirmation that you are doing everything right in the cast - so casting is fun! The handling zone of the line enhances the good feeling and at the same time increases the durability of the line. On roll and spey casts, the short head is particularly noticeable and enables an accurate presentation even in the tightest of spaces. Also due to the high-quality coating, the Feel 90 lies extremely high on the surface, which guarantees good contact with the fly and ensures a fast take-off of the line. An additional plus point is the front taper of the Vision Feel, which has been chosen in a third, muted colour to reduce the spoking effect in clear waters. A versatile flying line in proven Vision quality that feels equally at home on stream, river and stillwater. The line features pre-made loops as well as markings to identify the line type.

With its medium-length head, the three-colour Feel is an excellent all-round line for fishing with dry flies, nymphs and streamers. The even weight distribution makes the line easy to guide and allows high line speeds as well as clean presentations.


  • Allround Fly Line
  • Weight Forward Floating
  • Even weight distribution
  • Super smooth coating, very shootable and high-floating
  • Prefabricated loops for quick leader change
  • Line ID for quick identification of the line type
  • Tri-Color: three-colour line construction
  • Low Stretch Core
  • Head length: 9 m
  • Total length: 30 m
  • Colour: dark olive / yellow / white (Runningline)


LineHead LengthHead weightFull Length
WF3F 9 m / 29,5 ft 7 g / 110 gr 30 m
WF4F 9 m / 29,5 ft 8,5 g / 130 gr 30 m
WF5F 9 m / 29,5 ft 10 g / 155 gr 30 m
WF6F 9 m / 29,5 ft 12 g / 185 gr 30 m
WF7F 9 m / 29,5 ft 14 g / 215 gr 30 m
About Vision:

Established back in 1997, the Finnish manufacturer Vision offers almost everything that you need for fly fishing. In addition to rods and reels, this impressive selection also includes wading clothes and all kinds of accessories. In fact, all Vision products have one thing in common: They combine a modern design with an outstanding value for money. Summarized, this manufacturer is known for its proven products in the mid-range price segment. In recent years, Vision also gained a great reputation for their selection of modern high-end rods.