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Loon Tin Drops Twist Pot - Split Shot
Loon Tin Drops Twist Pot - Split Shot
Loon Tin Drops Twist Pot - Split Shot black

Loon Tin Drops Twist Pot - Split Shot


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Loon Tin Drops Twist Pot - Split Shot

In deep pools or in fast currents, the weight of the fly is often not enough to reach the optimal depth. With these non-toxic tin split shot, you can more effectively fish the right depth with your nymph or streamer patterns. Simply add one or more Loon Tin Drops in the desired size in front of your fly on the leader and you’re ready to send your fly to the desired depth. Tin Drops also give your streamer a nice jigging action without the fish feeling the added weight in your pattern, allowing you to fish more natural, un-weighted patterns.


Through the small slit opening, the split shots can be opened and reused with your fingernails or small pliers after use, and thanks to the non-toxic material, Loon Tin Drops are not a burden on our waters - even in places where lead is not restricted, it’s not a bad idea to keep our environment in mind!


On the go, you can easily add or remove the Tin Drops for changing water conditions, ensuring your fly is in “The Zone” and in front of more fish! Due to the matte surface coating in black or camouflage, the Loon Tin Drops prevent spooking fish or getting false grabs, which happens often with shiny metallic lead shot. In addition, the coating prevents slipping, reducing the damage to your leader.


Loon Tin Drops Twist Pots fit into any bag and with the handy Twist Lock closure, you can be sure it won’t spill and only release the split shot when needed.




  • Non-toxic tin split shots
  • Slit for opening, adjusting and reusing
  • Matte coating results in less spooked fish
  • Slip-resistant