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Monic The Whiz Leader 12ft 20lb
Monic The Whiz Leader 12ft 20lb

Monic The Whiz Leader 12ft 20lb

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Monic The Whiz Leader 12ft 20lb

The new Monic Whiz Leaders are actually only by chance, because the used polymers of the material are actually the core of the Henley lines. Because of the fact that the Monic Henley lines were found to have such good properties, such as no curling, supple material and extremely transparent, it was quickly decided to use this basis as a leader material.

The Monic Whiz Leader is an all-purpose leader. The floating leader material can be used both for fishing for trout, smaller salmon or other fish such as chub, asp and co. The material of the leader does not curl and has no memory effect, which is a very good feature for a leader, because the leader is so always straight on the water surface.


  • Universal taper for dry fly, nymph and streamer.
  • Smooth surface for drag-free drifting
  • Drawn all-round leader
  • Extremely transparent material
  • No curling, no memory
  • Load capacity: 9kg
  • Length: 12ft