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Nextcast SalarFinder45 H1 Shooting Head Hover/Intermediate
Nextcast SalarFinder45 H1 Shooting Head Hover/Intermediate
Nextcast SalarFinder45 H1 Shooting Head Hover/Intermediate

Nextcast SalarFinder45 H1 Shooting Head Hover/Intermediate


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Nextcast SalarFinder45 H1 Shooting Head Hover/Intermediate

The shooting head systems from NEXTCAST are becoming increasingly popular. Especially among ambitious salmon and steelhead anglers, a true hype has been ignited in recent years around the well though-out shooting heads. We have also learned to love the adapted, user-friendly tapers and let the terrific casting characteristics put a smile on our faces every time. In addition to the very popular two-handed shooting heads and the matching tips and running lines, the extensive collection also includes very successful lines for modern streamer fishing for trout. We especially like the fact that you can definitely find the right line for every casting style and water condition in the Nextcast range.

Nextcast SalarFinder
The Salarfinder is Nextcast's ultimate salmon line that has won many, many followers over the past years. The reason for this is the special taper design, the durability of the coating and last but not least the incredible ease of use when casting and fishing. This is because all Salarfinder lines are available in a variety of different sinking rates in their multidensity approach, covering a very wide range of applications. The taper of the shooting heads is especially designed for effective casts and clean presentations over all distances. This is because the weight is distributed in the line in such a way that high line speeds are achieved with little effort. This makes for tighter loops and more efficient, energy-saving casts. And to find exactly the right line for your water, your rod and your casting style, the Salarfinder also comes in different lengths. So whether it's the season opener at high water and cold temperatures, or mid-summer with long, fine leaders in extremely tricky conditions, the Salarfinder range has just the right line for your area of operation and your two-handed rod model. In addition, with the Salarfinder Nextcast offers the choice between a flexible multitip system (2D + sink tip) or thanks to the singlepiece lines a seamless 3D line without any loop connections.


SalarFinder45 - 3D Multi-Tip System for long casts
The Salarfinder45 is a slightly longer scandi-style shooting head that is especially popular with spey casters and on big waters with longer double handed rods. But even with these longer lines, the special taper design makes for effortless casting, as the line's funnel-like shape accelerates immensely even with small impulses. Long, energy-saving casts can be made across the river in a relaxed manner all day long. These shooting heads are designed to work as a multi-tip system. Head + sinking tip add up to the final casting weight. This interchangeable tip system provides maximum flexibility on the water and allows you to react quickly to varying water conditions. In addition, the core of the system, the body, comes in many different sink options. From full-floating to Sink5/Sink7, all sinking rates are covered and you can pack the right shooting head for any body of water, in any season, in any condition. Along with a few different sinktips (sold separately), you'll be able to react extremely quickly to any weather or water condition.

Note: This line should be combined with a tip for ideal performance. The final casting weight is therefore composed of body + tip.



  • Balanced scandi shooting head
  • Slightly longer design
  • Especially suitable for larger rivers, longer rods and long casts
  • Tuned taper for effective casts and high line speeds
  • Can be used with many casting styles
  • Interchangeable tip system: extremely versatile (tips available separately)
  • Multidensity: graduated sinking rates for a more homogeneous sinking behavior
  • Available in many densities
  • Easy handling
  • Reliable, welded loops at both ends
  • Line-ID: A unique label for quick and easy identification of the line - confusion impossible!


Recommended ClassWeightLength
#8/9 34,3 g 9,4 m
#9/10 38,2 g 10,0 m
#10/11 42,1 g 11,0 m
#11/12 46,7 g 11,9 m



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About Nextcast:

As in every season, the lines from the American manufacturer Nextcast cause a sensation along salmon rivers all over the world. Due to their truly innovative design, they offer absolutely amazing and very unique casting properties. First of all, they are surprisingly easy to cast. Furthermore, their extremely powerful casting properties always allow a successful presentation – even in challenging conditions. In addition to the very popular double-handed shooting heads, matching tips and running lines, this large collection also includes fantastic lines for targeting trout with streamers. These lightweight shooting heads have a lot in common with their larger relatives – but in a much smaller dimension. Like all Nextcast lines, they allow a new level of efficiency, which will easily please the most demanding fly fishermen.