Vision Bottom Express Fly Line

Vision Bottom Express Fly Line

Order number: P-01582
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150 grain
200 grain
300 grain

Delivery time: 1 - 3 work days

€79.00 *

Content: 33 meter (€2.39 * / 1 meter)

A line that sinks like a stone ensuring you can always reach the very bottom. The rear part of the head floats to avoid creating an angle with the running line.

Your holiday has just started. The sun is shining on a flat calm day, the beer is cold, the fish are nearly jumping at you and you reach your target blindfolded, one hand tied behind your back. Everything is pretty laid back – so you won’t need these, just use your priest. However if none of the above is happening, you should give ‘em a go.

Length: 33 m

130 5/6
200 6/8
300 8/9
500 9/10