Heinz Erhardt („noch’n Gedicht“), der Humorist, behauptete von sich, er wäre nie besonders ehrgeizig gewesen. Im Gegenteil: Er hätte sich schon als Jugendlicher auf die Rente gefreut. Ähnlich ich. Ich freue mich seit bereits 20 Jahren über und auf die Rente; oder – genauer gesagt: über den Rentner! Was, Ihr kennt diese Fliege nicht?

Gifts for Fly Fishers

13.12.2016 11:00

It's christmas and you're looking for the right present or you just want to make a fly fisher happy but need some inspiration? No Problem, we collected some gift ideas you can't go wrong with!

World premiere on adh-fishing TV! In this tying tutorial Hans van Klinken shows how to tie a emerger variation of his famous Klinkhåmer. The 'Klinkhammer Emerger' is developed for selective trout and grayling feeding on emerging insects or flies sitting deep in the surface. This pattern can be tied in a broad variation of sizes and colors. You can either use synthetic quill (better stability) or natural quill for the body. For the thorax Hans uses Semperfli's Straggle String - a great substitute for peacock herl!

Mein Freund Tobi aus Sachsen und Alex Siems kennen sich nicht persönlich. Aber sie sind eigentlich ziemlich beste Freunde. Der Hintergrund...

Our XMas gift for you!

23.11.2016 10:00

Fly fishing is our one true passion. There's no day our minds aren't dragged to the water for a short while, no day we don't think about experiences made or trips to come. For christmas we want to make a gift that'll help you in 2017 to go on such a journey.

When fishing in the winter time it's important to stay warm and dry. We explain how to dress properly with the onion principle, a multi-layer system combining the advantages of different technical garments.

Bernd's Column: adh-Team

16.11.2016 11:00

Liebe adh-Freunde!

Ab dem 1. Dezember 2016 bin ich ein Mitglied des adh-Teams. Ich bin nicht nur dabei, sondern mittendrin und stehe an jeweils einem Samstag jeden Monats den Besuchern der adh-Zentrale beim Einkauf mit Rat und Tat zur Seite...

Mörrum Promotion for 2017

21.10.2016 17:45

We are really happy about the positive feedback for the 2016 season and we are frequently asked if there will be a Mörrum Promotion for 2017 again. To cut a long story short: YES – and it is taking off right now! :-)

Fly Fishing for pike is booming! Nearly everywhere you can find rivers, channels and lakes which hold pike and it’s nearly impossible to catch a bigger and more aggressive fish that close to your front door. In this article we explain what you really need to fish for Esox lucius on the fly.

It's Pike Season!

19.10.2016 11:30

Wow! Our recently finished Facebook Pike Competition came up with a lot of participants and we received many posts with great pictures. It brings back memories of...