We enjoyed the Double Handed Day at best weather and we had a lot of fun! Thanks to all visitors and congratulations again to our winners Jürgen, Gerhard and Tankred. :-)

It's Pike Season!

19.10.2016 11:30

Wow! Our recently finished Facebook Pike Competition came up with a lot of participants and we received many posts with great pictures. It brings back memories of...

Philip has won a Wiggle-Tail-Starter-Set and went to Rhine river for a test....challenge passed or not??

Season 2015 at river Mörrum is closed and Martin has sent us some great pictures of this big sea trout!

News from the baltic coast!

01.05.2015 10:00

Kay has been to Denmark and hooked beside others this massive sea trout!

Torpedo from Patagonia

03.04.2015 10:30

In Patagonia is known for one of the hardest fighting rainbow trouts around the globe. Marcel had a lot of fun with his new LTS X1!

Season on Alphonse Island is full in swing and Ron shares two pictures of his recent trip!

Renatos' beautiful huchen!

26.01.2015 09:00

Only few days left to get a huchen this season - need some inducement to freeze once more?!
Thanks for the picture and congratulations on that perfect huchen!