Float Tube Fly Fishing

27.06.2017 13:15

Fishing lakes and open waters can be tough without a boat, because most hot spots aren't reachable from the banks or wading. Float tubes offer a great alternative to expensive boats and bring you in position. Whether you're chasing pike, perch, zander or sea trout and sea bass: Float tube fishing has a lot of advantages. In this article we explain what you really need to fish effectively from a belly boat.

Gifts for Fly Fishers

13.12.2016 11:00

It's christmas and you're looking for the right present or you just want to make a fly fisher happy but need some inspiration? No Problem, we collected some gift ideas you can't go wrong with!

When fishing in the winter time it's important to stay warm and dry. We explain how to dress properly with the onion principle, a multi-layer system combining the advantages of different technical garments.

Fly Fishing for pike is booming! Nearly everywhere you can find rivers, channels and lakes which hold pike and it’s nearly impossible to catch a bigger and more aggressive fish that close to your front door. In this article we explain what you really need to fish for Esox lucius on the fly.

Polarized sunglasses play an important role in fly fishing. They not just protect the eye from erred flies or streamers and dangerous uv-radiation, but also reduce glare from the surface and help you spotting fish and reading the water more effectively. In this article we explain how polarized sunglasses work and what to keep in mind when purchasing a new pair.

Similar to all other outdoor activities and sports performed on the water, a proper protection from dangerous UV radiation plays a big role in fly fishing too. Especially in the summer months when sun's intensity is the strongest.

Some prefer hard mono like fishing salt water, others stick to a short wire tippet with carabiner...

Fast and gentle with a net!

17.01.2015 17:15

Many fly fishers prefer being on the water without a net. These benefits may convice you to use it more often...

Have you ever washed your waders? There are many reasons to do so once in a while!