The ‚Drifter‘ by Guideline is one of the most popular float tubes in Europe since years. For adh-fishing TV Christopher Rownes presents the price-performance-winner in detail and explains step by step how to rig and use it properly. Enjoy watching!

World premiere on adh-fishing TV! In this tying tutorial Hans van Klinken shows how to tie a emerger variation of his famous Klinkhåmer. The 'Klinkhammer Emerger' is developed for selective trout and grayling feeding on emerging insects or flies sitting deep in the surface. This pattern can be tied in a broad variation of sizes and colors. You can either use synthetic quill (better stability) or natural quill for the body. For the thorax Hans uses Semperfli's Straggle String - a great substitute for peacock herl!

In this tying tutorial we show how to tie an effective streamer for various predator fish in just 5 steps and with low material input. Due to the "Polar Fibre Streamer Brush" by H2O you can tie streamers with great action in a few seconds.

In this tying tutorial Morten Valeur from Denmark shows how to tie a very catchy trout and grayling nymph with a tungsten bead. The 'Red Head Nymph' can be fished all year long, but especially in thespring and autumn this fly has catched many fish presented close to the river bottom.

Fly Tying Video: Autumn Fly

14.09.2016 11:30

In this tying tutorial Tom Jansen shows how to tie an easy and catchy sea trout fly for autum and early winter. The original 'Autumn Fly' is from Denmark and is designed to catch very selective fish who just react to smally patterns with less material. The smaller the fly, the bigger the chance to catch a nice sea trout!

Watch Mikael Frödin tying the Classic Style Moonshine Tube in detail!

Watch Marco Crippa tying the CDC Puffs Day Fly in detail!

Fly Tying Video: CDC Sedge

19.12.2014 14:00

Watch Marco Crippa tying the CDC Sedge in detail!

Fly Tying Video: CDC Day Fly

19.12.2014 14:00

Watch Marco Crippa tying the CDC Day Fly in detail!

Watch the show with Göran Andersson from our adh fair!