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Daiwa Freams LT Spinning Reel
Daiwa Freams LT Spinning Reel
Daiwa Freams LT Spinning Reel
Daiwa Freams LT Spinning Reel
Daiwa Freams LT Spinning Reel

Daiwa Freams LT Spinning Reel


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Daiwa Freams LT Spinning Reel

With the Freams LT, Daiwa combines proven and exclusive Japan technologies from reel construction with the weight savings and sensitivity of the LT concept. The Freams LT has proven itself among spin fishermen due to its high-quality components and solid, yet lightweight construction. It is not without reason that it is the best-selling reel in Japan, an absolute statement.

The Freams LT is equipped with the "Light and Tough" system, which clearly focuses on reducing the weight of the reel. The Japanese engineers have done a great job to bring this concept to the high end level of Daiwa's usual quality. This reel is also equipped with an ATD braking system, which has become indispensable in fishing. The line is pulled off constantly from a certain pressure point without jerking or stopping, so maximum safety is given in the drill of a big fish. Even the smallest models reach a braking force of 5 kg and the models of the size 2500 and 3000 reach up to 10 kg braking force. The larger models are equipped with an even stronger brake with 12kg braking power and can thus subdue almost any fish.

The Freams LT features an extremely deep spool core, indicated by the letter D in the name. This is complemented by a high gear ratio, abbreviated XH, which seems excellent for the European market. The MagSealed construction reliably prevents saltwater and dirt particles from penetrating through the axle and significantly improves the life of your reel. In addition, all reels are made of new carbon fibre composites, which make them even lighter and at the same time more torsion-resistant and stronger and guarantee a torsion-free bearing of the gear. The reel has 5 very durable ball bearings and a Tough Digigear gearbox, which guarantees silky smooth running.

The Freams LT reel series is therefore suitable for freshwater fishing as well as sea trout fishing and light pilk fishing for cod, pollack and coalfish. Characterised by a smooth run, its durability and the fine Japanese engineering art, this reel is definitely a faithful companion for very many exciting hours of fishing.


  • LT (Light & Tough) 
  • DS5 reel body 
  • MAGSEALED® body construction 
  • 5 ball bearings 
  • TOUGH DIGIGEAR® gearbox 
  • ATD™ Braking System
  • Infinite Anti-Reverse® backstop 
  • Cross Wrap® line routing 
  • Silent Oscillation® System 
  • Aluminium Air Spool 
  • CNC machined aluminium crank 
  • AIR BAIL® reel seat - Twist Buster® II line roller


Spool Type: 

  • D Deep spool 
  • S Flat spool 
  • C Compact body coil (small body / large coil)

Transmission ratio: 

  • H High gear ratio 
  • XH Speed ratio


ModelGear RatioRetrieve [cm]Drag [kg]Weight [g]Capacity [m]/[mm]
1000S 5.2:1 64 5 185 100/0,12
2000S 5.2:1 68 5 190 150/0,14
2500D 5.3:1 75 10 205 150/0,28
2500S-XH 6.2:1 87 10 205 150/0,16
3000D-C 5.3:1 80 10 215 150/0,33
3000 5.2:1 77 10 225 150/0,23
4000D-C 5.2:1 82 12 240 150/0,37
5000D-C 5,2:1 87 12 250 150/0,40
About Daiwa:

The Japanese manufacturer Daiwa is world famous for good reason. Through constant development of the products Daiwa sets standards across the globe and has rightly become one of the most popular brands ever. Especially the high-quality and innovative spinning and baitcasting reels, but also rods, clothing, lures and accessories stand for the highest quality and demands. Daiwa has set itself no lesser goal than to constantly develop and improve sport fishing, ambitious but incomparably successful to this day.