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Nays CRW 35 Creaturebait 8,9 cm 6er Set
Nays CRW 35 Creaturebait 8,9 cm 6er Set
Nays CRW 35 Creaturebait 8,9 cm 6er Set C-03

Nays CRW 35 Creaturebait 8,9 cm 6er Set


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Nays CRW 35 Creaturebait 8,9 cm 6er Set

The Nays CRW is, as the name suggests, a creaturebait in crab form.

With its scoop claws and thin legs, the craw produces a lot of vibrations during the run. This makes it easy for predators to spot over long distances and in murky water. The intense squid flavour also contributes to the good visibility. The buoyant rubber compound in combination with the strong body shape is ideal for a variety of finesse rigs, and offset hooks can be mounted perfectly weed-free. The compound is also non-toxic and eco-friendly, so there is no impact on the water should a lure break off.

With its strong vibrations and floating rubber compound, the CRW is ideal for finesse fishing for perch and zander. Whether on a caroliner, Texas and dropshot rig or simply on a skirted jig, this creaturebait always cuts a fine figure.


  • Size:3,5 inch / 8,9 cm
  • Target fish: Perch and Zander
  • Recommended jig hook size: #1/0 - #2/0
  • Package contents:6
  • Produces lots of vibrations
  • Intense squid flavour
  • Strongly built body shape
  • Non-toxic and eco-friendly



About Nays:
Nays aims to deliver the highest quality fishing gear to ambitious anglers around the world. All products have been designed, crafted and tested adhering to the highest professional standards. In every piece of Nays you find the deep practical experience of tournament fishermen and international engineering competence. Let Nays provide more professional quality to your fishing experience.


About Nays:

Nays has gotten off to a start like almost no other company before it. Founded in 2019 by Dustin Schöne, the high-quality lures have quickly established themselves and proven their incredible catchability in various YouTube formats, as well as on countless waters around the corner. The brand specializes in modern predator fishing with pike, zander and perch as the primary target fish. Nays continues the incredible success of the lures with the development of a high-quality rod series with great performance, consolidating the position of a fresh and successful company that sets standards.