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Duo RS Small Rubber Jig 3,5 g
Duo RS Small Rubber Jig 3,5 g
Duo RS Small Rubber Jig 3,5 g Watermelon

Duo RS Small Rubber Jig 3,5 g


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Duo RS Small Rubber Jig 3,5 g

The Realis Small Rubber Jig from DUO will win over any keen finesse angler.

Rubber jigs have been known to be good baits for perch for some time. The combination of skirt (fringe dress), jig and weedguard (brush guard for the hook) make them a versatile weapon. You can easily fish it in dense weed, on trees and generally on structure. But they are also perfect for simple jigging over the bottom.

All these features and more can also be found on the Realis Rubberjig. It has a dense fringe that sticks out to the front and back, which creates a lot of turbulence and thus attracts attention and also prolongs the sinking phase. The Weedguard consists of a few brushes, is strong enough to keep weed and other things away from the hook, but soft enough to ensure a good hooking of the fish. The unique shape of the jig head allows it to be twitched at the desired depth like a dart and the flattened underside means it rests perfectly on the bottom when jigging. An all-round successful rubber jig that catches fish convincingly!

The Realis Small Rubber Jig comes in a pack with a Realis V-Tail Shad already fitted and can be used straight from the pack!


  • Weight: 3,5 g
  • Length: Jig head plus 3 inch rubber bait
  • Weedguard
  • Skirt
  • Dart shape
  • Flat underside
  • Perfect for perch, but also other predators
  • Made in Japan

DUO International stands for top class Japanese lures, and the hardbaits in particular are second to none. Whether freshwater or saltwater, DUO Baits catch fish in practically any situation with their precise run, good casting characteristics and easy to animate bait, a must for every well-stocked bait box!