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Tuwob G4 Hardbait 5 cm 4 g
Tuwob G4 Hardbait 5 cm 4 g
Tuwob G4 Hardbait 5 cm 4 g Tuwob G4 Hardbait Perch
Tuwob G4 Hardbait Perch

Tuwob G4 Hardbait 5 cm 4 g


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Tuwob G4 Hardbait 5 cm 4 g

Tuwob stands for well-thought-out sea trout lures, but the G4 is even for the German manufacturer still a specialty.

The costal wobbler is with only 5 cm and 4 g pretty small and lightweight. But despite its small dimensions it can be thrown quite far. However, the weight also makes it the specialty that it is. The bait sinks very slowly due to the light weight and allows a slow-motion retrieve. A slow lure can make all the difference, especially during cold water temperatures, enticing tricky fish to bite. Especially during the rare warmer and sunny days of winter, fish often move up to very shallow places. The Tuwob G4 allows you to fish these shallow areas precisely without much fear of snagging.

However, the shallow running behavior is not only an advantage in winter. Also, during the warmest months of the year, the fish come close to the shore especially during the night. The shallow running depth of the lure allows the G4 to be fished close under the surface during a warm summer night, making it one of the best lures for summer sea trout fishing at night - a time we think is far too underrated for sea trout fishing.

The Tuwob G4 is a versatile lure that catches both sea trout on the coast as well as trout and char in put & take lakes. Despite its light weight, the lure can be casted to considerable distances and the many different color decors offer a variety of options during a wide range of conditions.


  • Small coastal wobbler for sea trout
  • Also suitable for trout lakes
  • Slow sinking allows for a shallow retrieve
  • Handmade in Germany
  • Large variety of colors
  • Weight: 4 g
  • Length: 5 cm