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Savage Gear Seeker ISP 8,7 cm 16 g
Savage Gear Seeker ISP 8,7 cm 16 g
Savage Gear Seeker ISP 8,7 cm 16 g Green Silver
Green Silver
Savage Gear Seeker ISP 8,7 cm 16 g
Savage Gear Seeker ISP 8,7 cm 16 g

Savage Gear Seeker ISP 8,7 cm 16 g


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Savage Gear Seeker ISP 8,7 cm 16 g

The Seeker ISP from Savage Gear is designed for ultra-wide casting, even in windy conditions.

The leaf-shaped design makes the lure very lively and unpredictable, an action that will get even wary trout to bite. In spinning stops, the Seeker sinks with an incredible 360-degree rotation, creating strong light reflections underwater. In addition, the lure is equipped with Intense Strike Points, ISP for short. These are pre-drilled holes in the body of the lure that are filled with highly luminescent UV epoxy paste to create the most eye-catching bite points you've ever seen! The Intense Strike Points don't just attract sea trout, sea bass can't resist either. The ISP are where the hook sits for an even better hook rate!

Each lure comes with an ultra-sharp Savage Gear Y-drilling and Wide Gape single hook with an inward curved point, allowing the angler to choose the best hook for any situation.


  • Length: 8,7cm
  • Weight: 16g
  • Hook: ST36 #4BN treble hook, S1X #4/0 single hook
  • Super wide casting design
  • 360 rotation on spin stops
  • ISP bite points
About Savage Gear:

From a small hobby workshop to a huge and respected corporation. The founder Mads Grosell has managed to develop Savage Gear from a hobby of his to a leading company in fishing. The Danish company stands especially for regular innovations in lures, especially softbaits. But they also produces rods, reels, leaders, tools and many other important things. Savage Gear has never lost its goal to sell quality products at a fair price and stands behind this concept like hardly any other manufacturer. The impressive thing is: Everything Savage Gear touches becomes good! Behind this is a large team of pro anglers and developers who always strive for the best.