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Spro Freestyle Scouta Spin Jig 6 g
Spro Freestyle Scouta Spin Jig 6 g
Spro Freestyle Scouta Spin Jig 6 g UV Fluoro Pink
UV Fluoro Pink

Spro Freestyle Scouta Spin Jig 6 g


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Spro Freestyle Scouta Spin Jig 6 g

A saying is slowly establishing itself among perch anglers: If the jig spinner doesn't catch something, there's no perch at the spot. While this is certainly a small exaggeration, it also shows how much confidence people have in jig spinners and what successes is possible with this lure.  The Spro Freestyle Scouta Jig is such a catch guarantee for perch, but also asp and even zander can be caught with it. It is great for quickly scanning the water to find active fish but can also be presented slowly in deep holes.

The zinc-alloy and aerodynamic shape allow the lure to fly out very far and sink fairly quickly. The large spinner blade slows down the sinking a bit but provides powerful pressure waves underwater and attracts fish from a long distance. The blade is mounted on bearings and equipped with a snap ring, which makes it easy to replace it with another one. The Scouta Jig is equipped with a very high quality Gamakatsu Double 21 double-hook in size 8. The special feature is the individual orientation of the hook, which allows you to react to different situations. If you point the hook in the direction of the lure, it can be guided unproblematically in cover. If the tip of the hook points downwards, the bite conversion is better, which makes the lure ideal for fishing in open water. 

The high-quality Freestyle Scouta Jig Spinner from Spro is an excellent bait for fishing for perch and is particularly suitable as a search bait. The wide range of colors offers the right decor for every situation and the high-quality hook complements the positive overall impression.


  • Ideal jig spinner for perch, asp and zander
  • Compact and aerodynamic shape
  • Adjustable hook orientation
  • Rotating and replaceable colorado spinner blade for strong pressure waves
  • Environmentally friendly zinc alloy
  • Gamakatsu Double 21 twin hook size #8
  • Weight: 6 g
About Spro:

The Dutch tackle manufacturer SPRO has been a household name among predator anglers for years. The well-known manufacturer stands not only for excellent quality in all branches of angling, but especially for a very fair price-performance ratio. Whether rods, reels, lures, leaders or accessories; Spro convinces with sophisticated and functional products that bring you closer to your target fish and do not break the bank.