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Savage Gear Crazy Blade Jig
Savage Gear Crazy Blade Jig

Savage Gear Crazy Blade Jig


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Savage Gear Crazy Blade Jig

The Savage Gear Crazy Blade Jig Head turns any rubber bait into a bladed jig or chatterbait in no time at all, just pull it on and start fishing.

Bladed jigs have been a very popular predator bait in the USA for a long time. For a few years they have also arrived in the European fishing scene and have quickly proven to be ultra effective baits for domestic predatory fish. When the lure is set in motion by rod or reel, the blade starts to "chat" back and forth at high frequency. This movement is also transferred to the rubber bait, also called trailer, so that this also begins to strike out. This mixture of powerful actionbait and rubber bait can hardly resist a predator. Especially pike and perch of any size can be caught in rows with this ingenious bait. The varied presentation possibilities also contribute to the catchability. The bladed jig can be traditionally jigged over the bottom or in midwater, it catches excellent when simply cranked in and can even be twitched from the rod tip. In addition, the blade protects the hook behind, which also makes the bait particularly weed and hanger free. All around almost the perfect all-round predator lure and rightly present in almost every bait box.


  • Bladed Jig Head.
  • Makes a "chatterbait" out of any rubber bait
  • Ultra catchy predator bait
  • Weedless
About Savage Gear:

From a small hobby workshop to a huge and respected corporation. The founder Mads Grosell has managed to develop Savage Gear from a hobby of his to a leading company in fishing. The Danish company stands especially for regular innovations in lures, especially softbaits. But they also produces rods, reels, leaders, tools and many other important things. Savage Gear has never lost its goal to sell quality products at a fair price and stands behind this concept like hardly any other manufacturer. The impressive thing is: Everything Savage Gear touches becomes good! Behind this is a large team of pro anglers and developers who always strive for the best.