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Noike Tiny Kaishin Blade 7g Chatterbait
Noike Tiny Kaishin Blade 7g Chatterbait
Noike Tiny Kaishin Blade 7g Chatterbait pro blue shad
pro blue shad

Noike Tiny Kaishin Blade 7g Chatterbait


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Noike Tiny Kaishin Blade 7g Chatterbait

Chatterbaits are so-called "bladed jigs". The jig itself is usually dressed with a skirt of silicon fringes. When pulling, the metal blade in front shakes the lure like crazy and provides strong vibrations and noise under water, while the silicon skirt pulsates seductively. The blade reflects light like the scales of an injured fish. Since chatterbaits are usually fished with a trailer on the hook, the metal blade shakes not only the rubber legs but also the softbait trailing behind.

The Noike Tiny Kaishin Chatterbait is ideal for quickly searching large water areas, or for targeted fishing of hot spots, such as weedy lines, underwater logs, or stone packs. Due to the metal blade, the lure has the perfect weedless design, which allows it to be fished directly in vegetation or obstacles. You can let the lure dance directly on the nose of your target fish and thanks to the option to add an additional softlure to the trailer, it is just super versatile. Chunky perch, bass, and zander can rarely resist this action and even big pike are caught regularly on the small Tiny Kaishin.

TIP: If softbaits with a paddle tail are fished on the trailer, we recommend the "paddle up" rig. The softlure is thus mounted "upside down" with the belly up. This way the metal plate and the paddle tail do not work against each other and the usual action of the rubber fish is not disturbed. This does not matter with pin and V-tails. These types of lures can be rigged normally.



  • Weight: 7 g
  • Content: 1 piece
  • Hook length approx. 2.3 cm - Perfect for trailers from 2.6-3.6 inches
  • 100% hand made in Japan
  • Hand painted heads
  • Relatively small "High-Performance Blade" starts instantly
  • High frequency run with perfect stability at all retrieve speeds
  • Blade and snap assembled by hand - plate never snags, barrel does not misalign
  • Ultra-sharp and stable FUDO hooks, also "Made In Japan
  •  Durable 3D eyes
About Noike:

By now Noike is no longer an unknown brand on the European market. The Japanese manufacturer delivers quality of the extra class, whether in rods, softbaits or accessories. Almost all products are produced directly in Japan with Japanese materials. This ensures that the premium quality that Noike itself has set as a goal can be maintained at all times. Especially the Seiten rod series has achieved a truly legendary status among predator anglers. It is symptomatic of the high quality and great performance of all Noike products.