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Illex Crazy Crusher 14 g Chatterbait Jig
Illex Crazy Crusher 14 g Chatterbait Jig
Illex Crazy Crusher 14 g Chatterbait Jig chartreuse pumpkin craw
chartreuse pumpkin craw

Illex Crazy Crusher 14 g Chatterbait Jig


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Illex Crazy Crusher 14 g Chatterbait Jig

Illex has for years been standing for the highest quality and optimum lure run in hardbaits. The French perfectionbaits are rightly known and highly sought after throughout Europe and the world. Be it Twitchbait, Stickbait, Jerk- or Swimbait, Illex harbaits convince with a stable run, easy lure control and good casting characteristics. They manage to still seduce fish to take where many other baits reach their limits.

The 14 g version of the Crazy Crusher Blade Jig is the first choice especially for grown-in shallow water zones. The detailed head is lead-free and made of bismuth-tin. The metal blade has a 45° tilt and will burrow through just about any obstacle. It tumbles seductively as it sinks, and a slow retrieve style is favored as a result. The weed guard on the hook means you won't get caught in any weeds or wood. An absolute "Heavy Cover" guarantor and perfect to fish places with many obstacles. In combination with the vibrating silicone skirt, the Crazy Crusher starts to work as soon as it dips into the water. Although originally designed for pike fishing, it can also be used to lure large perch, black bass or even catfish out of the brush.



  • Weight: 14 g
  • Running depth: up to 0,5 m
  • Sinking
  • Hook: 3/0
About Illex:

Illex has always produced top-class lures that have already convinced countless predatory fish. Especially the hardbaits of the French manufacturer are known for their precise running behavior, excellent play and incredible catchability. But also, the rods and accessories stand for the highest quality and demands. Who is looking for high-quality products that have proven themselves many times, we find it here.