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Rapala X-Light Crank Mid Runner 3,5 cm Rapala X-Light Crank Mid Runner 3,5 cm
Rapala X-Light Crank Mid Runner 3,5 cm
Rapala X-Light Crank Mid Runner 3,5 cm fire tiger
fire tiger
fire tiger

Rapala X-Light Crank Mid Runner 3,5 cm


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Rapala X-Light Crank Mid Runner 3,5 cm

The Rapala X-Light Crank MR is a small crankbait that is perfect for a wide variety of predatory fish. Trout, perch, chub, asp and many more - the X-Light Crank has a tight and seductive running behavior that makes tired predators perk up.

Despite the small dimensions of 3.5 cm, the crankbait is quite heavy at 4g and can therefore be cast excellently. In the water, it develops due to the tight and high frequency running behavior, in combination with the built-in rattle an irresistible appeal. The technique of retrieve is not that important: The lure can be twitched, cranked or simply cranked in.

The detailed decorations in combination with the great running behavior ensure that the X-Light Crank of Rapala entices many predatory fish to bite. It clearly plays out his strengths on the trout stream and trout lake, but also on perch.


  • Small crankbait with detailed decorations
  • Attractive and high frequency running behavior
  • 3D holographic eyes
  • Lead free construction
  • Hand tested
  • VMC 4651 BN Treble #10
  • Floating behavior: Floating
  • Running depth: 1,8 m
  • Length: 3,5 cm
  • Weight: 4 g
About Rapala:

Rapala has been one of the top brands for spin anglers for ages and not without good reason. Frequent innovations, high quality products and absolute exceptional catches on the lures have contributed to the fact that anglers in over 140 countries trust the Finnish manufacturer. Starting with wooden hardbaits, the products have always evolved and almost every new development directly becomes a classic.  Meanwhile, Rapala offers everything the spin fishing heart can desire - from rods and landing nets to bags and backpacks, to tools and much more.