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Rapala Rippin Rap 5 cm
Rapala Rippin Rap 5 cm
Rapala Rippin Rap 5 cm Helsinki

Rapala Rippin Rap 5 cm


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Rapala Rippin Rap 5 cm

Since its founding in 1936, Rapala stands for innovation and quality in fishing tackle. Nowadays, the name is deeply rooted and known to every angler, far beyond “only” spin fishing. The invention of the “wobbler” by Lauri Rapala was a long time ago and much has happened since then. Today, the brand trumps with superior know-how especially in lure design, combining traditional values in craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technologies and uncompromising quality control. Because Rapala lures are still hand-tuned and tank-tested before packaging to assure your lure has the Rapala trademark swimming action.

The Rippin’ Rap® features a lipless, tall and slim body profile designed to crank, swim and rip. Hard vibrating action accented with loud, distinctive BB rattle system. Long-casting with variable running depth, thanks to its slow sinking behavior. Cast and let it sink into the field of vision. A perfect addition to your perch-, zander-, and pike-box.


  • Tall, Skinny Body Shape
  • Distinctive Loud BB Rattle System
  • Lipless Design
  • Hard Vibrating Action
  • Sinking
  • Long-Casting
  • VMC® Black Nickel Round Bend Hooks
  • Textured Scale Body
  • Length: 5 cm
  • Weight: 9 g 
  • Swimming Depth: variable
About Rapala:

Rapala has been one of the top brands for spin anglers for ages and not without good reason. Frequent innovations, high quality products and absolute exceptional catches on the lures have contributed to the fact that anglers in over 140 countries trust the Finnish manufacturer. Starting with wooden hardbaits, the products have always evolved and almost every new development directly becomes a classic.  Meanwhile, Rapala offers everything the spin fishing heart can desire - from rods and landing nets to bags and backpacks, to tools and much more.