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Duo Realis Kabuki 48MR Bottom Rush
Duo Realis Kabuki 48MR Bottom Rush
Duo Realis Kabuki 48MR Bottom Rush Inakko Metallico
Inakko Metallico

Duo Realis Kabuki 48MR Bottom Rush


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Duo Realis Kabuki 48MR Bottom Rush

The Realis Kabuki crankbaits are the latest generation of Realis cranks. Available in three sizes with different running depths, suitable for every situation.

The Kabuki 48MR Bottom Rush is, with its running depth of 2.0 m - 2.5 m, the deepest runner of the three models. Perfect for fishing deeper edges and deeper waters in general. With the distinctive wobbling action that characterises the Kabuki Rheine among others, it convinces many fish species to bite. The Kabuki crankbaits are perfectly balanced with the weight fixed in the belly. Ideal for all types of water, from streams and rivers to still ponds and lakes.

The Kabuki 48MR will delight every crankbait fan and those who want to become one.


  • Length: 48 mm
  • Weight: 10,5 g
  • Running depth: 2,0 m - 2,5 m
  • Feature: Floating
  • Hook size: #6X
  • Made in Japan
  • Crankbait
  • Stream, river and still water
  • Distinctive wobbling action
  • Target fish: trout, chub, perch, asp, pike

DUO International stands for top-class Japanese lures, and the hardbaits in particular are second to none. Whether freshwater or saltwater, DUO Baits catch fish in virtually any situation with their precise running, good casting characteristics and easy-to-animate lure action, a must for every well-stocked bait box!