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LMAB Glass Beads LMAB Glass Beads
LMAB Glass Beads
LMAB Glass Beads Red
LMAB Glass Beads Red

LMAB Glass Beads


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LMAB Glass Beads

The LMAB Glass Beads are perfect for carolina and texas rigs. Due to the faceted surface the bead emits light reflections and in combination with the bullet weight powerful acoustic signals into the water. The manufacturing of the beads is very high quality, so there are no sharp edges on them that could quickly damage especially thin leaders.

The beads are available in three different sizes and three different colors. For more inconspicuous rigs, the black or transparent is recommended, but for a splash of color, the red bead.


  • Glass bead for Carolina and Texas rig
  • No sharp edges due to precise manufacturing
  • Faceted for special light reflections
  • Colors: Black, Red & Crystal
  • Sizes: 6, 8 & 10 mm
  • Package content: 10 Pcs.
About LMAB:

The still quite young brand LMAB has hit the spin fishing scene like no other. Founded in 2016 by Toni Wehn and Daniel Andriani, LMAB has earned a place among the greats, especially through innovative lures and successful YouTube formats. The spinning and baitcasting rods designed especially for modern spin fishing convince with high quality and great performance and the different softbaits with great catches especially on pike, perch and zander.