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Spro Sbirolino Ridge Floating
Spro Sbirolino Ridge Floating

Spro Sbirolino Ridge Floating


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Spro Sbirolino Ridge Floating

Fishing with sbirolinos is becoming increasingly popular and not only on trout lakes. Also, for example, on the coast, casting small, unweighted or only slightly weighted flies or softlures on an additional weight can be incredibly successful. It combines the world of fly fishing with that of spin fishing in a wonderful way.

Sbirolinos not only allow you to cast the small and light lures and flies at a distance due to their weight, thanks to the respective sinking rate you can also perfectly control in which water depth you want to present them.

The floating version is characterized by a pure white color, which on the one hand ensures an extremely good bite detection even at long distances, and on the other hand is hardly visible for the fish against the bright sky. The floating sbirolinos are perfect for fishing at or just below the water surface.

About Spro:

The Dutch tackle manufacturer SPRO has been a household name among predator anglers for years. The well-known manufacturer stands not only for excellent quality in all branches of angling, but especially for a very fair price-performance ratio. Whether rods, reels, lures, leaders or accessories; Spro convinces with sophisticated and functional products that bring you closer to your target fish and do not break the bank.