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Cormoran Big Trout Sbirolino Sinking
Cormoran Big Trout Sbirolino Sinking

Cormoran Big Trout Sbirolino Sinking


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Cormoran Big Trout Sbirolino Sinking

Fishing with sbirolinos is becoming increasingly popular and not only on trout lakes. Also, for example, on the coast, casting small, unweighted or only slightly weighted flies or softlures on an additional weight can be incredibly successful. It combines the world of fly fishing with that of spin fishing in a wonderful way.

Sbirolinos not only allow you to cast the small and light lures and flies at a distance due to their weight, thanks to the respective sinking rate you can also perfectly control in which water depth you want to present them.

The slim, sinking sbirolinos with transparent body are almost invisible under water. The different weights bring the sbirolinos effortlessly at a distance and sink quickly to be able to successfully fish the deeper water. Perfect for fishing in deeper waters, in heavy swell, lots of wave or strong current.

About Cormoran:

The German manufacturer Cormoran is known to many anglers far beyond the country's borders. The traditional company primarily produces spinning rods, reels, lures and accessories. Especially the lures have contributed significantly to the success and have already caught countless big fish. Despite all the experience, quality and know-how Cormoran offers the products at more than just fair prices and allows you to fish successfully with good products without unnecessarily burdening your wallet.