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SET! 3 DVDs - Mikael Frödin
SET! 3 DVDs - Mikael Frödin

SET! 3 DVDs - Mikael Frödin

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SET! 3 DVDs - Mikael Frödin
DVD Make Em Swim - Mikael Frödin
Mikael Frödin shows you how to use the FITS tubing System to its full potential. Learn to tie flies that swim better than you imagined possible. The film covers everything from the simplest to more complex tube flies. You will be part of it all in both thoughts and action, gaining a better understanding for the use of this ingenious system and the latest tying materials, including fluorescent tubing and the FITS Turbo and tungsten cones.

Playing time: 122 min
Language: English, Swedish

DVD Mikael Frödin - Modern Salmon Flies
The second film by Mikael Frödin. This time he shares his knowledge in tying great fishing flies on tubes. He shows you all his small tricks and basic skills, making you a master fly tier. It is easy to follow the systematic instructions, as the flies slowly grow into finished masterpieces. You will learn to tie Micro tubes as well as large silhouette flies for night fishing.

Epoxy Silver
GP Special
Grey & Grenn
Thunder Spey
Language: English
Playing time: 180 min
DVD Mikael Frödin - Modern Salmon Flies 2
Dee Sheep
Grey & Green
Barret Bimbo 
Mikkeli Blue

Language: English