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2 DVDs in a Set: My Best Casting Techniques and Make Em Swim
2 DVDs in a Set: My Best Casting Techniques and Make Em Swim

2 DVDs in a Set: My Best Casting Techniques and Make Em Swim

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2 DVDs in a Set: My Best Casting Techniques and Make Em Swim

These two instructive films for fly fishermen featuring fly tyer Mikael Frödin from Sweden and excellent fly casting instructor Jan Erik Granbo now in a saving package

My Best Casting Techniques with Jan Erik Granbo
Jan Erik Granbo about this DVD:
"The DVD “Advanced double-handed fly casting, My Best Casting Techniques” is my third DVD, and my first pure instructional film on fly casting. This DVD was produced during the summer of 2009. The DVD is a cooperation project between Guideline, Granbo Flyfishing, and Mountain Media. The DVD had already been in my plans for many years, the reason for this is that I, over the past 20 years, have practised a lot with the fly rod in order to become as good a fly fisher as possible.
I realised early on that with the modern fly fishing equipment, with shooting heads and fast rod actions, it would be possible to move boundaries in order to better manage the perceived most difficult challenges a fly fisher faces throughout a season. This modern equipment combined with the basis techniques spey cast and snake roll, and not to forget the new variants and combinations of these, provides a fantastic foundation for casting in places where you previously could not. On those days with strong winds, these techniques mean that you can fish instead of drinking coffee and wait for better conditions. The secret is the anchoring point of the tippet in the water, and with these techniques you can decide for yourself where you place the back cast around you in the water.
In this DVD you will get a short introduction to the basic techniques for the single and double spey cast, in addition to the single and double snake roll cast. I will also talk a lot about the important loading of the rod in the modern fly cast. After that I will travel along the river, seeking out different places that will challenge the casting technique. There are many “defined” situations making fly casting difficult; wrong side of the river, upriver and downriver wind, and tight positions, all of this makes fly casting challenging. Many people only master fly casting with a specific arm as well, which can make it very difficult to be an effective salmon fisher, I will give you lots of tips in terms of what you can do in these situations. Fly casting is an important part of the fishing strategy for me; I can choose a special casting combination in terms of how I want to fish the fly in different currents, and not least in relation to what affects me in terms of the nature and the terrain. This is an energetic instructional DVD on double-handed fly casting, you will see many different places on the river. Join me on a journey along the salmon river, experience seasonal casting challenges from my end of the fly rod."

Bonus tracks:
Guideline presentation.
You get useful information on Guideline’s plans and visions for the future, the following people participate in this track: Stein Thorvaldsen, Leif Stävmo, Matt Hayes, and Jan Erik Granbo.
Fly casting for children.
My son has been a keen fly fisher since the age of three, this has been a challenge when it comes to obtain a manageable rod and fly line for such a small fly fisher. I will tell you about my experience with adapting the equipment for the youngest of fly fishers. See great fly casting performed by a young fly fisher, everyone can learn this, it is all about starting early."

play time: 52 min
Language: English, Norwegian, Swedish


Make em Swim
Mikael Frödin shows you how to use the FITS tubing System to its full potential. Learn to tie flies that swim better than you imagined possible. The film covers everything from the simplest to more complex tube flies. You will be part of it all in both thoughts and action, gaining a better understanding for the use of this ingenious system and the latest tying materials, including fluorescent tubing and the FITS Turbo and tungsten cones.

Playing time: 122 min
Language: English, Swedish