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Frödin F.I.T.S. Tubes for Tube Flies
Frödin F.I.T.S. Tubes for Tube Flies

Frödin F.I.T.S. Tubes for Tube Flies


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Frödin F.I.T.S. Tubes for Tube Flies
The release of these tubes on the market has changed the look of modern tube flies forever. They are easy to use and come in 4 dimensions that fit together. They leave you with all sorts of combinations and possibilities. By using the tubes as they are, or combining them with dubbing or translucent material, you can create a shine to the flies, unlike anything else. The tubing itself contains a lot of fluorescence, which makes it glow very well in low light conditions. For example, by melting Fl. Orange tube, together with a black cone, you will create a fluorescent orange band at the front of the fly. A simple thing like using a small piece of fluorescent tubing in front of a free hanging hook, fix the hook and gives a new exciting look to your fly. This is the original Frödin tubing from the Frödin Improved Tube System (FITS) that changed the use and looks of tube flies forever!
The flexibility in these tubes also means that the tube does not break and can withstand the tube hook going in and out of the tube many times. During tying the thread wraps will almost go a little lashing down in the tube and make the fly even stronger. Another unique feature is when you melt the tubes the color will be retained, pigmentation becomes even stronger.

1 pc. á 1 meter


1,8 mm


2,2 mm


3,0 mm


3,5 mm

Fly sizeup to 6 cm8 cm10 cm12 cm
Tubes XS + M XS + M XS + M or S + L S + L
Tungsten Cones Micro - XS XS - S XS - S S
Turbo Cones Micro - XS XS - S XS - S S
Hook Size 14 - 10 10 - 8 8 - 6 8 - 4

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