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Stonfo 476 Flylab Base Vise
Stonfo 476 Flylab Base Vise
Stonfo 476 Flylab Base Vise

Stonfo 476 Flylab Base Vise

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Stonfo 476 Flylab Base Vise

Since a few years tying vises by Stonfo (Italy) are very popular amongst fly tyers across Europe. Their elaborated features, high quality craftmanship and last but not least great price-performance-ratio are outstanding.

The Flylab Base is a high-quality rotary vise (360°) with infinite head angle adjustment for both, novice and advanced fly tyers. It comes with middle sized hardened steel jaws to hold most kind of hooks safe and secure. The rotary tension is adjustable and the head can be locked from 0° to 180°. It's supplied with a pedestal base. Due to its small pack size and light weight, this tying vise is great for travels - but ofcourse also for the everyday use at home.

Accessories included:

  • Pedestal base
  • Spring material clip
  • Allen key
  • Instruction manual.


  • 360° rotary
  • Stainless steel shaft
  • Adjustable rotary tension
  • Locking of the head 0°-180°
  • Smooth rotary motion
  • Reversible for left hand tying
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Interchangeable hardened steel jaw (medium size).
About Stonfo:

Established more than 40 years ago, the Italian manufacturer Stonfo is known for innovative and practice-oriented accessories – made in Italy. In particular, the high-quality fly tying vises and tools have an excellent reputation. Obviously, the Italian developers are aware of the fact that appropriate tools are of the highest importance for most handcrafts including fly tying. Proper equipment will lead to more fun while tying and simply to better results. Therefore, Stonfo offers a large selection of high-quality tools – just what you need to fully enjoy the creative process of creation. In fact, the well-thought-out tools from Stonfo will not only come in handy at the fly tying desk, but also while fishing. Without a doubt, these products will make the small challenges in the world of fly fishing much easier.