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Loon Ergo Underfur Comb
Loon Ergo Underfur Comb
Loon Ergo Underfur Comb

Loon Ergo Underfur Comb

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Loon Ergo Underfur Comb

Until the breeding lines of our hair- and coat-giving mammals can be limited to an underfur-free level, a few more decades will probably pass before the country will be free of undercoat. And quite honestly, a natural product also comes with rough edges, we have to accept that.

Nevertheless, the first thing we have to say at the vise is: underfur out! No matter if bucktail, arctic fox, raccoon or deer, we want the hair to be used to be cleanly separated from the underfur. Even with synthetics such as Craft Fur, the short fibre is only too often disturbing.

The Loon Outdoors Ergo Underfur Comb neatly separates the important parts of the fur/hair/fibres from the undercoat and lets us choose exactly which parts/lengths of the tying material will end up in the fly, nymph or streamer.

Simple in design and application the result is a great one. Clean and finely combed out hair for a perfect tying result.


  • Stainless steel hair comb
  • Separates fur from underfur cleanly
  • Can be used with natural and synthetic materials
  • Tying with the optimal hair and fur lengths
  • Ergonomic handle part
  • Colour: Silver/Loon Outdoors Yellow
  • Dimensions: 2.75" (7 cm)