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Loon Ergo Hair Packer
Loon Ergo Hair Packer
Loon Ergo Hair Packer

Loon Ergo Hair Packer

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Loon Ergo Hair Packer

Those who work with deer hair or bucktail to make (big) flies will be familiar with the technique of "spinning". Besides the even distribution of the hair around the hook shank, a certain pressure must be applied to ensure the necessary density of the hair. The Loon Outdoors Ergo Hair Packer is an incredibly useful tool to tightly pack the tying material and thus obtain a perfectly shaped fly, or fly head. The grip part of the Hair Packer is borrowed from the hand part of a fly rod and shows a high level of ergonomics. Two different diameter openings in the head part of the Hair Packer allow working with different hook sizes. Simply place the Hair Packer on the eye of the hook and press it against the tied material. The result is hair that is packed as tightly as the subway at rush hour in Tokyo and all the way down to the hook gape.


  • Robust tool made of aluminium
  • Perfectly tied deer hair flies or bucktail heads
  • Especially for compacting material that has been bound by spinning
  • Ergonomic grip part, which is modelled on the hand part of a fly rod
  • Suitable for all common hook sizes
  • Tapered end part for extra pressure
  • Colour: Loon Outdoors Yellow
  • Dimensions: 4.12" (10.5 cm)