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Kopter Flies Dubbing Needle
Kopter Flies Dubbing Needle

Kopter Flies Dubbing Needle

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Kopter Flies Dubbing Needle

A dubbing needle is a simple but versatile tying tool that should not be missing on any tying table. With the Dubbing Needle from Kopter Flies you can not only split a thread to clamp the dubbing or provide order in a twisted dubbing loop, but also do the smallest finishing work. Small dots of glue to finish a tied fly or to apply UV glue to a small Quill dry fly, all these jobs are much easier and cleaner with a dubbing needle.

The grooved palm of the needle from Kopter Flies gives you a particularly good grip in your hand, while you can apply a glue dot with the very pointed needle to the millimeter. A great and above all versatile tool.


  • High quality dubbing needle from Kopter Flies
  • Versatile steel tying tool
  • Fine tip for splitting a thread
  • Fluted palm for more grip
  • Very pointed
  • Made in Italy