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Renzetti R-Evolution Stainless Steel Teaser
Renzetti R-Evolution Stainless Steel Teaser
Renzetti R-Evolution Stainless Steel Teaser
Renzetti R-Evolution Stainless Steel Teaser

Renzetti R-Evolution Stainless Steel Teaser


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Renzetti R-Evolution Stainless Steel Teaser

The well thought-out tools from Renzetti strike exactly the same note as the high-quality premium tying vises of this traditional fly tying forge. Quality, functionality and ergonomics are the cornerstones of the practical tools and all have one thing in common: they make your work at the tying table much easier and lead you to even more beautiful results.

The R-Evolution tools have been specially tailored to ergonomics and user-friendliness, and none different is the practical teaser: a dubbing brush that gives your flies that certain something - whether nymphs, salmon flies or streamers! By brushing you pluck out jammed fibers, which then give the body more volume to pulsate in the water. In addition, with the practical brush you can give your flies their final touch by working on them like with a comb - works from the small dry fly to the big brush streamer for pike! The ergonomic handle of the E-Evolution Teaser fits perfectly in the hand thanks to the thumb recess and the robust bristles withstand the most intensive use.



  • Dubbing Brush
  • High quality stainless steel
  • Perfect for brushing out dubbing, hair, flash, etc.
  • Available in different sizes
  • Made in USA


About Renzetti

Like many success stories, the one of Renzetti began in a small garage, back in the early 1970s in Pennsylvania, USA. Unsatisfied with the tying vises available at the time, Andy Renzetti sat down at the drawing board himself. Not long after, the young visionary launched the world's first true rotary fly tying vise, a milestone for many fly tyers and just the beginning of a company history marked by innovation and creativity. Since then, much has changed and the market for high-quality fly tying products has grown considerably. What has not changed: The high standard for the outstanding quality of Renzetti products. Because today, as then, the family-owned company delivers absolutely well thought-out quality products to demanding fly tyers all over the world. All Renzetti components are still manufactured in the USA.