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GULFF Color UV Resin
GULFF Color UV Resin
GULFF Color UV Resin glow in the dark green
glow in the dark green
glow in the dark green

GULFF Color UV Resin


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Content: 15 milliliter (€1.26 * / 1 milliliter)

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GULFF Color UV Resin

GULFF, Finland offers the largest selection of UV-curing glues on the market and has a reputation for developing innovative chemicals for fly tying. By collaborating with professional fly tiers GULFF comes up with easy to use products that are characterized by quick and tack-free curing – ideal for conveniently tying robust patterns!

The GULFF Color series comprises a range of attractive colors for tying different larvae, nymphs, dry flies, shrimps and gills on streamer patterns. The semitransparent resin allows segmented bodies, ribbing material, hot spots and other underlying tying materials to shine through creating depth and a natural look. Regardless whether you are tying caddis larvae, stonefly nymphs, worm flies, shrimps such as the “Pattegrisen” or baitfish patterns: GULFF Color UV Resin is a super versatile addition to your tying.

GULFF Realistic Color UV Resin creates an semitransparent surface (resin civers 50% - 60%), dries within seconds under your UV light and is a pleasure to use on the tying bench – a true enrichment for ambitious fly tiers.


  • Resin cures within seconds under UV light
  • Attractive colors for hot spots etc.
  • Suitable for nymphs, dry flies, shrimps and streamers
  • Tack free curing
  • It is perfect for small glowing larvaes and perdigons, pike fly bodies and streamer heads
  • Content: 15 ml