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Gulff Clear UV Resin Thinman 15ml
Gulff Clear UV Resin Thinman 15ml

Gulff Clear UV Resin Thinman 15ml

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Content: 15 milliliter (€1.26 * / 1 milliliter)

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Gulff Clear UV Resin Thinman 15ml

GULFF, Finland offers the largest selection of UV-curing glues on the market and has a reputation for developing innovative chemicals for fly tying. By collaborating with professional fly tiers GULFF comes up with easy to use products that are characterized by quick and tack-free curing – ideal for conveniently tying robust patterns!

The GULFF Clear UV Resin Thinman is a great choice for smaller flies and thin body coatings. Due to the thin consistency Gullf Thinman is ideally suited for coating and securing delicate fly bodies, shell backs, whip finishes, parachute posts and delicate hackles. The versatile resin penetrates deeply into the fibers and thus results in stronger flies with greater durability. A drop of Gulff Thinman is perfect for coating nymph or dry fly bodies made of quill, raffia or tinsel. Also great for securing the ribbing of shell backs on all your shrimp and scud patterns while adding a nice shine to the fly.

Thinman is 100% transparent, dries within seconds under your UV light and is a pleasure to use on the tying bench – a true enrichment for ambitious fly tiers.


  • Resin cures within seconds under UV light
  • Thin texture
  • Transparent
  • Recommended for nymphs, fly bodies, heads, shell backs and securing delicate tying materials
  • Tack free curing
  • Content: 15 ml