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Veevus Stomach Thread
Veevus Stomach Thread
M11 fluo yellow chartreuse
M11 fluo yellow chartreuse
M11 fluo yellow chartreuse

Veevus Stomach Thread


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Content: 49 meter (€0.06 * / 1 meter)

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Veevus Stomach Thread

The construction of this yarn is a mix between floss and tying thread. This means it can be used as a stimulation point, tail or to create bodies or heads. This thread is very tear-resistant, easy to splice and twisting to integrate diverse Dubbing materials. Also available in fluorescent colors.

When using fluorescent colors you can build a bit more natural bodies by splicing the thread and integrating dark dubbing. It will give a nice effect to your fly when the bright thread shimmer through the darker body. The effect increases when the fly is wet.

size S = 49m/Spool
basic price: EUR 0,06/m
sizeM = 36m/Spool
basic price: EUR 0,08/m
size L = 30m/Spool
basic price: EUR 0,10/m