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Polar Fibre H2O
Polar Fibre H2O
Polar Fibre H2O brown
Polar Fibre H2O Polar Fibre small patch
Polar Fibre small patch

Polar Fibre H2O


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Polar Fibre H2O

Polar Fibre is a very fine and soft synthetic fibre, which is fixed on a fine mat. You can easily cut the exact amount of Polar Fibre you want from the mat. Each fiber tapers towards the tip, just like a natural hair. So you simply cut a tuft from the mat and it will automatically have a fishy, tapered shape that tapers towards the end, without the need to snip it around. This makes tying very easy.

Some special features make Polar Fibre a very popular and successful tying material. It does not absorb water, so it can be casted very well and keeps its volume in the water. This makes it possible to tie e.g. very real looking fish imitations, which move excellently in the water despite their volume. The material can be colored very well with a waterproof marker, so you can give the fly great patterns.

Wwhite Polar Fibre becomes semi-transparent in water, which looks super realistic. Therefore the well known Polar Fibre minnows always have a white belly and then different colors of Polar Fibre on top with a little flash. There is hardly a streamer that looks more realistic in the water. Also for sand eel flies, like the Baltic Candy, it is very popular and catchy in combination with epoxy or UV glue for the head.
Tip: After the drill of a fish it can happen that the Polar Fibre is a bit fuzzy. Simply pull the Polar Fibre swingarm over a piece of velcro (found on every vest or jacket) and the fly looks like before.
Available option:

  • small patch: approx. 10,5cm x 7,5cm
  • large patch: approx. 20cm x 18cm