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Blend Angel Hair
Blend Angel Hair
Blend Angel Hair olive
Blend Angel Hair
Blend Angel Hair

Blend Angel Hair


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Blend Angel Hair

This Blend combines different kinds of Angel Hair: holographic, metallic and regular. The result is a super soft, fine synthetic material that adds that effects to your fly - even in low light scenarios.

Angel Hair is a versatile tying material which is used commonly for streamers or modern salmon flies. It doesn't absorb water, so even larger flies don't get too heavy. This soft and highly mobile Mylar results in a pulsating action in the water. It adds lots of metallic sparkle and glitter to any fly - a big bonus in colored waters.

Angel Hair is just excellent for wings, tails and bodies!

Tip: Angel Hair can be used as a long dubbing too.

Total length: ca. 25 cm

Content: 2g