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Wapsi Sili Legs Nymph
Wapsi Sili Legs Nymph
Wapsi Sili Legs Nymph black

Wapsi Sili Legs Nymph


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Wapsi Sili Legs Nymph
Sili Legs are silicone impregnated legs. They are translucency and flexibility that is unmatched by conventional rubber legs. This allows fly tyers to choose leg colors that blend in with the overall color scheme of their flies thus creating realistic looking fly patterns. The barred and speckled varieties of Sili Legs are ideal for creating realistic fish catching fly patterns.
With this nymph version, you can create very small patterns even smaller then size #12.
Content: 5 strands / 22 Legs
Width per leg: approx. 0,5 mm