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Fly Scene Silicone Grizzly Legs
Fly Scene Silicone Grizzly Legs
Fly Scene Silicone Grizzly Legs grizzly green
grizzly green

Fly Scene Silicone Grizzly Legs


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Fly Scene Silicone Grizzly Legs

Rubber legs play an important role in most fly fishing disciplines. This is hardly surprising, because no other material brings your fly that much to life. The water pressure caused by stripping the line pushes these rubber strands to the body of the fly. As soon as the fly stops to move, these legs “jump” very quickly into their initial position – absolutely temping!

Thereby, the field of application is enormous: Whether sea trout, salmon, brown trout or any other predators – all of them will be seduced by the unique appearance of these rubber legs. In fact, these very versatile, elastic rubber strands led to some extremely effective streamer, dry fly and nymph patterns that revolutionized salt and fresh water fly fishing.

The special colourings of these legs provide your flies with an irresistible look. Furthermore, they are extremely robust, and therefore your creations will be very durable. The outstanding Fly Scene Silicone Legs: the ideal material for creative fly tyers that like to catch fish!



  • Very robust, four-sided rubber legs
  • Ideal for tying fresh and salt water streamers, large dry flies and nymphs. In other words: for almost everything!
  • Length of the strands: approx. 14 cm