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Tungsten Coneheads
Tungsten Coneheads

Tungsten Coneheads


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Tungsten Coneheads

Thes cones will take your fly really deep and add an irresistable wobbling for every predator!

Our adh-tungsten cones are way heavier than the brass ones and will let your fly sink even faster. They are 100% made in Germany, including surface treatment and packaging. However we are able to keep price low and even on the same level than minor Far East products.

The cone heads come with a brilliant glossy surface and bevelled holes to fit over small hook bends without the need of a slit.

Quantity: 10 pcs
Colours available: gold, silver, copper, black

4,0 mm 0,36 g
4,5 mm 0,47 g
5,0 mm 0,64 g