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Brass Pearls / Bead Head
Brass Pearls / Bead Head

Brass Pearls / Bead Head


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Brass Pearls / Bead Head

We are very proud of these brass beads, they are truly made in Germany in the best quality available on the market.
Super brilliant colours, perfect inner diameter of the drill hole make this beat fits on your hook like hell.

20pc from 1,5mm to 4,6mm
10pc from 5,5mm to 6,5mm

1,5 mm 0,025 g
2,0 mm 0,04 g
2,3 mm 0,05 g
2,8 mm 0,08 g
3,3 mm 0,12 g
3,8 mm 0,15 g
4,6 mm 0,29 g
5,5 mm 0,47 g
6,3 mm 0,86 g