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Craft Fur Long Fiber
Craft Fur Long Fiber
Craft Fur Long Fiber golden brown
golden brown

Craft Fur Long Fiber


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Craft Fur Long Fiber

Craft Fur is a very popular synthetic fur and used commonly to tie different kinds of streamers. Amongst sea trout fishers this soft material imitates shrimp legs or antenna too. Craft Fur fibers are fixed on a mat and come in different lengths – like natural hair. When cut off, a bunch of fibers offers a natural taper already and can be used instantly to tie small streamers, e.g. baitfish patterns. For pike streamers Craft Fur is often used to shape a head. Just tie it in and brush it out intensely.


The synthetic hair is super soft and developes a lively play in the water. In contrast to natural products Craft Fur absorbs no water. A very versatile product which should be party of any fly tying arsenal.



  • Dimensions: 10 x 14 cm
  • Length fibers: ca. 12 cm