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SwissCDC CDC Feathers Standard
SwissCDC CDC Feathers Standard
SwissCDC CDC Feathers Standard 16 dark dun
16 dark dun

SwissCDC CDC Feathers Standard


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SwissCDC CDC Feathers Standard
SWISSCDC - CDC Feathers in General:
SWISSCDC offers generally nothing but Canard-CDC's harvested off the winterfeathers.
This decision was made just for reasons of much better quality. Through the wintermonths breeding the canards is the calmest, thus the quality of the CDC feathers is a lot better.
During the summermonths the canards are pressured by heat and other stress, that manipulates the feather's quality in a negative way.
The feathers are cleaned and purified carefully, then selected and dyed in a maximum quantity of 100 grams.
This process chain ensures a constant quality, so the customer will purchase a premium quality product.
"FINEST FEATHERS" ...... the philosophy of SWISSCDC
SwissCDC CDC Feathers Standard
CDC Standard offers a big range of applications, from the smallest, most delicate dry fly to big Mayflies, whether a tiny shrimp or a attraktive nymph, streamers, seatrout- or salmonflies - the standard CDC's are well suitable in almost any field of tying style.

1 pack = 1gram (120- 140) feathers
Featherlength ranges between 1cm - 4,5cm