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CDC Feathers Marc Petitjean
CDC Feathers Marc Petitjean
CDC Feathers Marc Petitjean pink
CDC Feathers Marc Petitjean
CDC Feathers Marc Petitjean

CDC Feathers Marc Petitjean


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CDC Feathers Marc Petitjean
Semi-translucent: flies tied with CDC have a more life-like quality than flies tied with other, more opaque materials.
Highly aerodynamic: when cast, the CDC col­lapses but, at the end of the cast, it expands acting as a para­chute as the fly descends to the water. It therefore makes casting easier and fly presentation more delicate.
Highly hydrodynamic: under water every filament pulsates with life even in the gentlest flow or on the slowest retrieve.
Folds like real fly tissue when a fish takes a CDC fly into its mouth. In this way, fish accept CDC flies more readily, and are much slower to reject them, than ones made of harder materials.

Content: 1 g
Length: 3 - 6 cm
beige ( 1,5 - 3,5 cm )    
About Petitjean:

Established back in 1990, the manufacturer Petitjean presents an exclusive selection of well-thought-out products that have been developed with an obvious passion for fly tying. In fact, all of these products designed by the world-renowned fly tyer Marc Petitjean have one thing in common: their truly outstanding quality. Without a doubt, the Swiss-Vise fly tying vises and the practice-oriented accessories will easily please the most demanding fly tyers. Of course, this also applies for the stunning selection of high-quality fly tying materials – for instance the truly amazing CDC feathers. In addition, Petitjean also offers a range of high-quality flies for targeting species such as trout or grayling.