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Funky DNA Shrimp / Crab Eyes dark amber pearl
dark amber pearl
Funky DNA Shrimp / Crab Eyes pink pearl
pink pearl
Funky DNA Shrimp / Crab Eyes
Funky DNA Shrimp / Crab Eyes
Funky DNA Shrimp / Crab Eyes
Funky DNA Shrimp / Crab Eyes

Funky DNA Shrimp / Crab Eyes


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Funky DNA Shrimp / Crab Eyes

Eyes are that piece of fine tuning to add a final realistic touch to your flies – essential for attraction, especially if you are chasing vary fish in clear waters. Not only valid for baitfish imitations but also for shrimp and crab patterns.
These Funky DNA shrimp eyes pimp every shrimp / crab pattern and can be tied in easily with their monofilament stem. For increased grip you can compress the stamp with pliers in advance. If you want to give the eyes a specific direction you can do that by heating up the stamp with a lighter and form or kink it.
The realistic appearance of these eyes is created by the sharp pupil and a decent pearl-effect, which adds some shining. Not too intrusive but enough to grab any fish's attention. We use it both for coastal sea trout flies like Pattegrisen and tropical saltwater patterns. The large ones are perfect for big Mantis-Shrimp and crab flies – eye to eye with Bonefish, Permit, Triggerfish and Co. on the flats. ;-)


  • Realistic shrimp- and crab eyes
  • With black pupil and slight pearl-effect
  • Monofil stamp (ca. 4 cm length)
  • Diameter medium: ca. 2,5 – 3 mm
  • Diameter large: ca. 3,5 – 4 mm
  • Content: 20 pcs / pack